Monday, June 6, 2016

Linear Time is No Longer Valid, if the Past can be Manipulated...

On Friday, June 3rd 2016 I was watching a video on the "Mandela Effect," a phenomenon which I have not acknowledged as being part of my reality in 3rd density until I went onto Facebook and received a message from a friend who said she doesn't remember visiting Deerfield, Massachusetts, yet I clearly remember a photograph of her in this historic house...

Prompted by the video and my friend's message I decided to look at The Lord's Prayer" in a Bible (King James Version) that my mother had inscribed with my name and birthdate and eventually gave to me. My mind was totally blown, as "trespasses" had indeed been replaced by "debts" in this Bible, just as the video indicated. How can this be? I had to take a walk and absorb this anomaly because, what I had believed to be the "physical plane" was more than likely just a holographic projection. What does this say for the globe model? Perhaps the United Nations view of the world in their logo is a more accurate description: a flat Earth model with a firmament overhead and an "ice wall" (Antarctica) all around the perimeter of it. This would be a closed system with the Sun, Moon, and Stars revolving around a fixed North Star; proving that the lunar landing of July 20, 1969 is completely faked! ~ JDHWB-R

Amber Alert: Mandela Effect, 911, Timelines shifting, CERN and WTF is going on!

Yesterday, Saturday June 4th 2016, Lisa and I had an unscheduled recorded discussion to lay out a whole lotta crazy information that we had been wading through for the past 36 hours.

A couple of days ago, a friend sent us some information that she had come across in early 2013 that opened a line of questioning down a rabbit hole that we hadn't looked at before.  The basic premise:  that on Dec 21 2012 "they" inserted the 9/11 false flag "terrorist attacks" BACK into our timeline, thus changing our timeline into a highly violent negative war filled timeline. This was done through CERN time manipulations. 

....Needless to say, this theory opened up a LOT of discussion into CERN (which was shut down after it's last "test run" on December 21 2012), and how it took them over 2 years to rebuild it.  Then again CERN fired up in early 2015....and the fuckery began wildly oscillating all over the place in the past year.

Our conversation yesterday dove deep into discussing the Mandela Effect- the whys and hows, shifting timelines and/or dimensions, and a very interesting look at a video discussing Amber- a la Fringe!  Below Yesterdays recording, I will post the links and other videos that we discussed.

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