Monday, April 4, 2016

One People of Earth IN-Community Link n' Sync Tour begins...

Open House Walking Tour at Sirius Community
& Visit to Juniper Hill Homestead!

Shanti Om Gaia led the Open House Walking Tour, with me shadowing, and two Guests came with us, Dixon & Matthew. We began in the Community Center Dining Room with an Attunement Circle led by Shanti. Then we went into the attached Greenhouse where he explained Permaculture design concepts before moving outside to the Cobb Oven (where pizza is baked) and the eating area nearby. Afterwards we took a peek into the Sauna outbuilding where on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday of every week the woodstove is fired up heating rocks atop it so water may be poured over them, produucing steam for the sauna room.

Then Shanti took us over by the original Farmhouse that came with the property when the 90-acre parcel of land was purchased in 1978, the year Sirius was founded. Next to this is the Orchard Room: first meeting space for Sirius that was once was the garage for original Farmhouse.

Then we walked to the Phoenix House: initial structure on this site, home of Gordon Davidson & Corrinne McLaughlin (the founders of Sirius), burned in the 1980s and was rebuilt by Bruce Davidson and then named after the legendary bird that burst into flames and regenerated. Next to this stands the Straw Bale Garage, where Josephine Davidson keeps her electric golf cart, and upstairs is studio space (soon to be upgraded to be residential living quarters).

Took a path alongside the Laberynth (covered by last night's April snowfall) up to the existing wind turbine (broken, needs repair) and up to the Stone Circle Sanctuary where the turning of the wheel of the year is recognized at the Equinoxes and Solstices, then by the new wind plant (still in a crate with metal tower parts nearby, not yet assembled).

We walked past The Longhouse where Bruce & Linda live, past Cranberry the Truck and Chewy the Chipper,  alongside the Orchard (recently pruned), and walked through the Cobb House, which had originally been intended as a residence (kitchen is used for cooking meat, as commercial kitchen in the Community Center is approved for vegetarian cooking only). Further down from here is the Laksme Greenhouse where spring vegetables are already being harvested for green salads, etc.

Shanti described the Consensus decision making process at Sirius, conflict resolution protocol, the Residency Program, positions for Garden and Maintenance Interns, the Immersion Program, etc.

Afterwards, I went over with Dixon and Matthew to Alisande Cunningham's Juniper Hill Homestead (as time constraints of our Guests did not allow for a woods walk). I introduced them to Alisande and she brought us into her home where they met Sacha the cat and Nikita the dog, and then briefly saw a spectacular view of Mt. Toby and a panorama of the Pioneer Valley, and saw where the goats are kept on her farm (guests passed on seeing the chickens). Then they were off to Amherst, and so this quick visit to Juniper Hill was the actual first leg of the One People of Earth In-Community Link n' Sync Tour!

At 5:30 pm a Healing Circle was held for Bruce Davidson in the Longhouse, attended by Members, Residents, and people from the Hearthstone Village. This concluded with a collective hands-on Reiki healing modality for Bruce, with Christopher keeping rhythm with a Native American drum. Bruce fell over 40 feet from a tree while working in in the woods of Leverett several years ago, and in 2015 he suffered from kidney failure, went on dialysis, and then was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

It really truly is a miracle that Bruce Davidson is still walking this Earth with us! He was ready to check out during the middle of one of the coldest nights of this past winter but the Spirit of Source came upon him and said his work in this incarnation is not yet completed. We, fellow Members (full and exploring), residents, and people living in the Hearthstone Village around this Beacon of Light known as Sirius Community, that came to be here on Baker Road, as revealed by the Angel of Sirius, do fully support Bruce in his Intention to finish the work he started here among us.We lift him up in the Light of Universal Source. As Above, So Below, As Is, So Be It... And So It Is! Namaste'

Juniper Hill Homestead at 45 Schoolhouse Road

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