Saturday, April 2, 2016

1st T-Shirt for IN-Community/Unity Link 'n Sync Tour is Ready!

On Thursday, I stopped in Hadley, MA at Custom Tees in the Hampshire Mall and made my 1st promotional T-shirt for the IN-Community/Unity Link 'n Sync Tour. This shirt is the same color, Kelly Green with White Lettering Font that matches the promotional shirts through Bonfire Funds that will initially cover Tour expenses for me as they sell online here:

My funding campaign started March 23rd and runs through April 12th for selling 25 T-shirts. When 11 T-shirts have sold online, Bonfire will print the T-shirts. When campaign has ended, T-shirts will be distributed to customers who have ordered them during this campaign.

Here's my public page for promoting the T-shirts campaign on Facebook to start:
At the top of this post is the T-shirt I'll be wearing tomorrow for the Open House walking tour of Sirius Community and the Walk to Juniper Hill Homestead after it's done (around 3:30 pm or so). This walk to 45 Schoolhouse Road will include a guided tour by Alisande Cunningham of her farm: seeing the goats & chickens, how cheese is made, etc. and this IS the first leg of IN-Community/Unity Link 'n Sync Tour ceremonially Launched on March 20th, 2016.

Namaste', Joseph

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