Sunday, November 22, 2015


According to The Irish Rovers in a folk song recorded back in 1968, the Unicorn perished in the Deluge for failure to climb aboard Noah's Ark. However, a pair of Ravens boarded the ark and Noah had released a Raven as the waters receded, but the bird never returned.

He sent out a Dove, who did return with an olive branch. This was the signal that it was time for Noah to leave his floating refuge after forty days and forty nights and set his foot upon Mount Ararat to begin re-populating the Earth, according to the Genesis record.

A community co-operative, named The Ark, formed in the 1980s on the other side of Baker Rd. (opposite Sirius Community) and it is still listed on the Fellowship for Intentional Community website. This property has now been converted into a private residence and is up  for sale on the local real estate market. The house remains unoccupied.

Today, at the Phoenix House in Sirius Community, Ray and Cliff hosted a Magical Brunch for members and guests of the community whereas intentions were set as we prepared to enjoy the bounty of Autumn's harvest. I meditated upon manifestation of my Soul Mate as my greatest passion at this time. I first met her during the Antediluvian Epoch prior to the Great Flood, and I have seen her eyes. Initially, I had mistaken the eyes of another woman whom I thought in my younger days to be hers. But that was an experience of false light which I repeated several times in my previous incarnations, dating back to sinking of the Great Crystal of Atlantis in 9600 B.C.E. When I saw these eyes again in this life, I knew that she is the Fourth Pillar of Lantern Shire Commons revealed to me in a vision while driving from Shutesbury to New Bedford, Massachusetts on October 31st, 2015. ~ JDHWB-R
The Ark Community Cooperative, LLC 
91 Baker Rd.
Shutesbury, Massachusetts, 01072

Community Description:

After being unable to capitalize on our ~$135k in equity to replace our septic system, the Ark has been condemned. We’re looking for options to keep the boat afloat- perhaps you can help? To ensure our longevity, we need to find a new primary lender and conduct a number of repairs. Until that happens, we’re scattered but still in community. Sorry if it takes us awhile to respond to your emails.

For posterity. here’s what we were doing:

Part of the Hearthstone Village, of which the larger Sirius Community and other smaller homes are also part.

At the Ark Community Co-op we strive to live together in harmony as a community household and a resident-owned and operative cooperative. We utilize consensus decision making and strive to apply a deep sense of interconnectedness and permaculture values to the entirety of what we do in psyche, heart and land.

In General

We strive to create a culture of respectful relationships, growing healthier people in minds, hearts and bodies. We value individuality and we know we all thrive when we share our strengths. We don’t subscribe to the old-world philosophies of “us vs. them” or “me over you,” instead preferring to work together horizontally. We intend to become increasingly better at cooperating in our evolving strategies to heal ourselves, each other and the forest and to meet our needs as individuals, as the group and for the well being of everyone, everywhere.

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