Tuesday, November 17, 2015

DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE AGAIN: Raven leads to Alchemy, Reversals, and Cross-Pollination of Pathways in the Distant Past.

I traveled into Northampton, Massachusetts to revisit my first recollection of being there back in the Autumn of 1978 by walking up Main Street far enough to see the front of Smith College and its entrance gate. I turned around and saw 'Raven," the sign for a used bookseller just beyond a nearby intersection to a cross-street. I immediately walked over to this basement shop and saw a hardcover book looking almost new titled "Alchemy & Mysticism" and purchased it. This volume, compiled by The Hermetic Museum, connects the Autumnal Equinox ceremony at Sirius Stone Circle to the Alchemical Fire Ritual behind the original Farmhouse at Sirius on the 4th Blood Moon of the recent Tetrad. It was time for me to descend into the proverbial Rabbit Hole again, only this time I journey completely alone...

The Alchemical Riddle that the Archetypal Hermit needed to solve involved the Source Key, which would reveal the particulars of itself during a live performance of "Dracula" that was adapted to the stage from Bram Stoker's novel of the same name. I emerged from this journey to travel once again to New Bedford where I, my wife Susan, daughter Mary, and her significant other Aly, had reservations for a matinee performance of this play at Your Theatre on Rivet Street. While watching the action unfold, I witnessed an age reversal and hair color reversal in two of the characters when offset by my remembered Dream Vision of the Four Pillars upholding Lantern Shire Commons. Knowing of a Lemurian Origin for these four incarnated souls who have returned in this time period to complete their mission on Earth, it was patently clear to me that cross-pollination of Purpose had infected one or more of these individuals in the distant past and eventually contributed to circumstances culminating in the Antediluvian Deluge recorded in Sanskrit and Hebrew texts of sacred scriptures. I know the prescription for this deep-seated Imbalance causing distortion of images and emotions emanating from ancient Lemuria and also ghosting into the Present. 

Such is enacted through grounding this energy in Gaia. My Covenant of  Friendship on October 30th, 2015 stabilized the Heart Key. Stabilization of the Source Key goes far deeper and will take time to manifest in Third Density. ~ JDHWB-R

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