Wednesday, May 24, 2017

100% Unlock... The Keyhole Path and The Mystery of The Egg!

~ Crop Circle Reported in Dorset, UK on May 22, 2017 ~

A new crop picture near the Cerne Abbas “Giant” on May 22, 2017 seems to show a schematic image of the “risen Christ”, who lies in opposition to the chalk hill-carving of a “tall man with a big club”, and offers us instead a “keyhole path” into the “kingdom of heaven” 

A new crop picture near the Cerne Abbas “Giant” has been very controversial in terms of its symbolic interpretation. Because it appeared in a field opposite to the chalk hill-carving of a “giant” who wields a “big club”, and shows a huge “penile erection” (see cerne-giant), some people have proposed that the new crop picture might be meant to show a “female sex organ”, into which this “giant” could place his large and ponderous erection.   

For people who think about “sex” all of the time, this might seem to be a good theory! They will probably wish to look no further into the detailed facts. Yet those of us with broader minds might wish to study this new field image in greater detail, before rushing to accept a superficial conclusion? As Aldous Huxley once wrote, “What we perceive depends upon the conceptual lattice through which it has been filtered.”

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