Saturday, April 8, 2017

Ten Years after creation of Underhill Secret Garden April 8, 2007

~ Entrance Arbor to the Underhill Secret Garden ~

On Good Friday of Easter Week in 2007, I buried the Atlantean Record Crystal at the center of what would become the "Secret Garden" deep in the trees overlooking the garage at No.  16 Wheeler Street in Gloucester, Massachusetts, known as Underhill (Frodo's secret name given to him prior to meeting Strider at The Prancing Pony in Bree). On Saturday night, fire swept through the former Massachusetts State Hospital complex in Danvers punctuating its reconstruction as Avalon Danvers condominiums. The horror film titled "Session 9" was filmed in the original buildings prior to demolition in 2006, and reference to numbered grave "444" where ghost character Mary Hobbs was buried is made in the movie. Then on Easter Sunday, I lighted the Phoenix Lantern above location of the buried Crystal and ceremonially initiated the Underhill Secret Garden. Pink concrete pavers were placed in a equilateral diamond pattern around this spot and used to mark pathway from upper back yard area at Underhill, flanked by white crushed rock and pink concrete bricks. A wooden arbor was erected at the entrance, with a large golden key (used in his school play adaptation of "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett) hung above start of the walkway. Immediately after creation of this garden at Underhill, a storm blew across eastern Massachusetts, affecting the island of Nantucket (as several homes in Madaket were claimed by the sea due to erosion). I pointed the Phoenix Lantern toward Great Point during inception, where the Catalyst Lantern was buried in 1985, but Angle was incorrect; energy deflected... ~ JDHWB-R

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