Saturday, September 17, 2016

Standing Rock: Is it a Harbinger for Rainbow Warrior Prophesy?

A spontaneous intentional community is forming before our eyes at the Sacred Stones Overflow camp near Cannon Ball, North Dakota. Initiated by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, many Native American Tribes and ecologically conscious people have come together to protect sacred waters of the Missouri River from the Dakota Access Pipeline project that threatens to cause serious environmental harm to the land and people, should it be built to completion. Lakota "Black Snake Prophesy" is a warning about consequences... ~ JDHWB-R
Welcome To The Rainbow Warrior Prophecy

When the earth is dying, a new tribe of Rainbow Warriors will emerge to heal the earth. This prophecy fortold by Native tribes around the planet is taking place right now. Dark forces that are attempting to take over this land are working behind Governments and mega-corporations to manipulate the weather through Geo-Engineering programs. At this moment these programs are attacking the world’s food supply, resulting in increased food prices, and are part of a greater population reduction program. California is known as the bread basket of North America which is why weather manipulation and Geo-Engineering programs are causing a serious and devastating drought. There is a way to nullify the effects of their programs to restore natural balance and harmony back onto the earth. The Natives and Shamans across this planet have engaged in sacred ceremonies and rain dances during times of need. They understand that when you open your heart with love for all living things and pray to the great spirit, that love will come back to you in the form of an answered prayer.

The Battle Field

Mt. Shasta California is a powerful vortex known by many as the root chakra of the planet and is responsible for nourishing and sustaining life. This magical mountain is circled with rumors of mystical experiences, high energy vibrations and a race of Lemurian people from the time of Atlantis that exist in the mountain. This is why Mt. Shasta is an ideal place to perform planetary healing ceremonies. A power vortex like Mt. Shasta will intensify the energy that can flow through a spiritually enlightened being. This energy can be directed to manifest great wonders and activate ourselves. Using energetic techniques to open chakras will result in obtaining psychic abilities and releasing negative emotional trauma which can be replaced by a pure love vibration. Once all fears and negative emotions are cleared, love energy can flow more quickly through the body and can be directed at planetary healing. It is interesting to observe that after interacting with this energy at Mt. Shasta, animals which are sensitive to this energy will interact with us in unique ways. Mt. Shasta, along with other vortexes and earth chakras around the globe, are ideal locations to perform earth-healing ceremonies.

The effects from our healing ceremonies are measurable. The times that we go to Mt. Shasta, unexpected rain storms have covered the entire state of California. These rain storms are not predicted by any forecast or weather charts, but instantly manifest to heal and nurture dry desolate areas of the earth. They are often called ‘freak‘ storms by the news media, which draws the conclusion that something outside of meteorology science is affecting the weather and bringing rain. It is no different than how the Native peoples will perform rain ceremonies during times of drought and to bring healing energy to affected areas. It is important here to state that it is not simply the act of a small few that are entirely responsible for these outcomes, but it is the greater collective consciousness of the planet that manifests these results. There are many people around the world and spiritual beings that exist in higher dimensions that are coming together in a collective way to manifest these results and it requires the active participation of all of us, no matter where you are, or what dimensional frequency you exist.
Rainbow Warrior Weapons

A spiritual warrior must use spiritual weapons. We believe that Vogel Crystals are the ideal tool of a Rainbow Warrior. These crystals were pioneered by top IBM scientist Marcel Vogel during his experiments on plant communications which were published in a book called “The Secret Life of Plants”. Marcel Vogel demonstrated that these crystals are thought amplifiers of the highest order and can pull and manipulate energy from unseen and higher dimensions. They are constructed of natural optically clear quartz crystal, and cut with sacred geometry that allow information and energy to be cohered, similar to how a ruby coheres ordinary light waves into a laser beam which can then cut material objects. Human thoughts and energy can be directed through them in a very similar manner, as a light wave is not much different than a thought form wave. As stated above, it is important to understand that these tools cohere thoughts. Crystals cut in the same shape as Vogel crystals were used in ancient Atlantis, and by the Lemurians that live at Mt. Shasta. This ancient technology is now being rediscovered and is making it’s way back into our present day world once again. Vogel crystals were first realized in a dream that Marcel had to advance the human race both spiritually and scientifically. Vogel crystals are a spiritual science and will demonstrate that these two practices can coexist. We are only just beginning to rediscover the uses and power of these crystals. Certainly, those of you that have done past life regression to an Atlantian time may be drawn to these crystals. Simply holding and meditating with these ancient sacred tools allows information and ancient teachings to flow into the conscience mind from other dimensions.

Holding one of these sacred tools when one’s chakras are opened and aligned brings about an effect where thoughts can more easily manifest into reality. Quantum Physics experiments have proven that human consciousness, or one’s thoughts, can have a measurable impact on the physical reality we experience. Dr. Masaru Emoto demonstrated how thoughts and emotions can affect the state of water. Our bodies and the earth are primarily composed of water, so you must ask yourself; how are your thoughts affecting yourself and the world around you? Once we understand this concept of being able to manipulate the physical material world with thoughts, love and intention, the 1999 hit movie “The Matrix” doesn’t seem so far off after all. In fact, this is the greater truth that the dark forces that are trying to control and manipulate our planet have long known and are terrified that we discover. It is this truth which is reason they exercise dominate control and we do not. When you hold these tools with love and learn how to direct energy and thoughts, anything can happen including healing the entire planet and removing the destructive forces that have long been dominating the human spirit. Only real holding a real Vogel crystal cut by a master cutter will quicken these manifestations.  They have been programmed to not do harm, and will actually crack if they are used with the wrong intentions. These crystals are as alive and conscious as you the reader viewing this website.

When engaging in these kinds of practices, you are opening yourself up to spiritual vulnerabilities, and it is important to properly protect oneself. Learning mantras or prayers to call for God, Archangel Michael or other spirit guides to protect you, or wearing protective pendants will prevent physical and psychic attacks.

The Divine Plan Unfolding

The rainbow warrior prophecy told by the Hopi and other Native American tribes is unfolding. It has been foretold that when the earth is dying, people of all races across the planet will come together and spread love. They would lead by actions, not words, they would connect with ancient knowledge and teachings, and use their love to make the earth green again. They would be called “The Warriors Of The Rainbow”. This is indeed a time when prophecies will be realized, and great wonder and balance will soon return to the earth. We can see it happening everywhere.

This is a spiritual battle against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places – Ephesians 6:12

Just as there is spiritual wickedness in high places, there too is spiritual goodness in even higher places. God, his Angels the 5th dimensional Lemurian beings and others are all working with us to change the landscape of this planet and they very much want to work with all of us to save the world. It’s important that we learn to tap into these energies and raise our vibrational consciousness to properly bring harmony and peace back to this earth. This is not a physical fight. This is a spiritual battle against spiritual forces. True magic is the ability to connect with and use these spiritual forces that are waiting for us to awaken to them. We can all be Rainbow Warriors with a pure heart, an open mind and the desire to make this world a better place. When your chakras are opened and aligned and project your intentions with your heart, anything you believe to be possible, will be. This website is a resource for us to come together and learn these sacred ceremonies to bring balance back to nature and heal the earth. We can do it together. The prophecy of the rainbow warriors is happening around the globe. If you hear the calling, contact us to find out about our next planned meetings and take your role to save the planet. Participate in our forum to discuss these spiritual teachings to activate yourself to your true spiritual self. We can also offer free Reiki healing sessions. When you give your love to the earth, it comes back to you with such an intense feeling of joy, happiness, and a connection of oneness we realize we all share a common destiny. We live with pure hearts and love this earth.  When you surrender yourself to a greater cause, and be of service to others, a feeling of divine love will overcome you that is so powerful it will change your life and soul forever.

With great love and understanding,

The Warriors Of The Rainbow


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