Sunday, August 21, 2016

I Stand upon the Keystone of the Bridge with Lantern Held High.

Archetypal Hermit is positioned at Midpoint of the IN-Community Bridge. Metamorphosis of Intention for an Overland Tour has transmuted my role into that of Bridge-Builder from Sirius Community to Earthlands Collective, bringing forth a synthesis of IN-Community vision for both Beacons of Light, one set in Shutesbury and the other one in Petersham, Massachusetts. On December 20th, 2015 I met the Tour Director who has already begun traveling among the Intentional Communities, so in recognition of this truth I do release any personal attachment to its manifestation or to that of an inter-communal Switchboard as she is already the Operator, plugging people and resources into each other as all of us are collectively paving the way for entering into the New Paradigm as The One People of Earth...

I AM rooted at Sirius Community, where the Angel of the Dog Star showed Gordon Davidson where to build this Beacon of Light starting in 1978. I was building the House at Pinewoods Hollow in Stetson, Maine but was not ready to enter the Cosmic Dream. I looked back... so my project turned to a pillar of salt and subsequently vanished. Years later, I had read BUILDERS OF THE DAWN by Corinne McLaughlin & Gordon Davidson and was led to leave my Old Paradigm life in New Bedford and move to Sirius Community. While exploring membership at Sirius I will actively work toward strengthening the bridge of co-operation between Sirius and Earthlands, as a signifier of this was erection of a new North Stone completing Medicine Circle near Earthlands Lodge. I was present at this event on August 17th while the Sturgeon moon rose above us during placement; waxing toward fullness and penumbral eclipse at dawn on the 18th. Parallel alignment of missions is evident as the recent Future is Now planning conference at Earthlands appears to dovetail seamlessly with upcoming work by Tree of Dreams Sanctuary at Sirius. Aquarius Lunar energy brightens Lantern of the Archetypal Hermit, as it illuminates our Bridge of co-operation... ~ JDHWB-R

Evolutionary Journey of The Fool through the World 

Symbology of the Twenty-Two Major Arcana Trumps in the Universal Rider-Waite Tarot

Imagery used in this analysis was drawn from the Universal Waite Tarot Deck; distributed exclusively by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Intuitive interpretations by Joseph H. Bryan-Royster, Ph.D.

9 - THE HERMIT - Introspection and Internal Illumination (Teth; Virgo)

Seeks Wisdom of the Source....

The Light shines from within the Soul; the view from the Summit which puts life into its proper perspective. This vantage point is accessed via looking to God who dwells within us; the infinite Creator being the reservoir of all the answers which the Seeker pursues. Each one of us is symbolized by the Lantern image; God's Light of inner awareness being the Candle Flame. Wisdom is the transcendental interpretation of knowledge as illuminated by the Light shining within one's Soul. All barriers of the material World are beneath the Cosmic Consciousness of the Hermit who has already traveled his Path of Quest. His search has led him to the Summit of his own perfection. Now, from this great height he can see 360 degrees without obscuration. His Lantern is held high as an inspiration to all who aspire to attain the Wisdom which he has come to realize during the process of his own Soul journey. The isolation and abstinence image sometimes given to the Hermit is one of the past; a glimpse of his travels through the physical and emotional wasteland where the misrepresentations of life as seen through the perception of the Physical Plane have been experienced and eventually transcended. This Archetype passed through a period of solitude and alienation during this walk through the proverbial "Valley of the Shadow of Death" that could have driven him Mad had it not been for the Light in his Lantern penetrating the Darkness and illuminating his Soul thus granting him hope of deliverance. The Hermit has indeed been carried through this initiatory Journey via his unwavering Faith in the Universal Source who Teaches and Guides all of us internally. The Lantern which he carries symbolizes his inner Vision provided via his "Third Eye" (Candle) which grants this Archetypal traveler a keen sense of Spiritual insight. PARALLEL ARCHETYPES: The Sage, The Old Wise Man, The Wandering Friar, The Lamplighter.

State of Mind: Counsel, Knowledge, Solicitude, Prudence, Discretion, Caution, Vigilance, Circumspection, Self-denial, Withdrawal, Regression, Annulment, Tendency to withhold emotion, Fear of discovery, Loner, Insensitive, Expressionless, Misleading, Misguiding, Illumination from within, Divine inspiration, Retirement from participation in current events

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