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8 October 2014 1055 UTC/0655 EDT ~ Two Lanterns Lighted
Sun, Earth, Moon
Bryan-Royster House Cellar Portal, 286 Carroll Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts

This Total Lunar Eclipse is the second in the tetrad(4) of Blood Moons, named so by contemporary Christian pastor John Hagee, who ‘prophesied’ that these would portent an end of times.

End of times indeed! But end of what times?

Full Moons are generally confronting times. Astrologically the most climactic point in the lunation cycle, they often herald a time when we feel the inner conflict between our heart and soul. Often these are depicted in our lives by some specific mundane affair that has reached the point of full culmination. We now come to realise that some aspect of our experience has either grown to bear fruit or is no longer sustainable, and must regretfully fold. Most commonly, it is a combination of both yielding and cropping back on the elements affected.

A Lunar Eclipse is essentially a Full Moon that intercepts the nodal axis. This occurs every six months, when the earth intercedes the elliptical path of the moon and (either totally or partially) blocks the Sun. Because of the alignment to the Nodes there is not only an increased awareness of our individual soul stirrings, but our atonement to the spirit essence of others, both locally and globally, is at a monumental high. Particularly if there are other planetary energies involved.

There are no less than 5 planets aligned to this event, 4 of them forming this beautiful ‘Kite’ formation upon the Eclipse’s nodal axis. This unique formation not only harnesses the creative powers of that grand trine, which on its own may lack the thrust to actually do something, but directs its cumulative power into the eclipse axis, headed here by the Sun/Venus/North Node in Libra and tailed at the other end of the axis by the Moon/Uranus/South Node.  It is fair to say that this is indeed another epic moment in the history of transmuted lunar glows.

What does it all mean?

Ok, let’s have a look at this Full Moon’s polarity – Libra/Aries.

Libra - Aries

We - Me

You - Me

Together - Alone

The partnership - Me

Peace & Harmony - Fighting, War

Hesitation - Decisiveness

Compromise  - Assertiveness

The Sun in Libra is in his Fall according to traditional sign-rulership dignities. This is mostly because he prefers to express himself through his partnerships, choosing rather to rule by collaboration and consultation than in autocratic style. Our standard preference usually goes for heroes that are more egocentric in their decisive nature. Yet he is supported in his quest for peace and harmony in his conjunction to ruling Venus, goddess of ‘holding hands through this’. So here in Libra, he generally likes to laze his way through, depending mostly upon others to come through for him as he skilfully dances and prances about, avoiding any real effort or unpleasantry. He has his work cut out against this Aries Moon, whose stormy and aggressive emotional reactions now seem only accelerated in their uptake and delivery by her conjunction to the inflammatory effects of Uranus in Aries. This makes her tense and abrupt, with a polemic bite that is difficult to manage, once unleashed.

In fact it’s very complicated. Two other power planets are forming a Fire Grand Trine to corroborate the wild energy. Mars In Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo add to the flames with a surge of spirited assertiveness of her truths and beliefs as well as to promote her integrity, auhenticity and pursuit of enterprise.

The combination of three fire planets upon the Aries Moon not only ignites the enthusiasm to fever pitch, but it forms an unbridled sense of tell-it-like-it-is vigilante vigour, which when funnelled through the intuitive feminine mind of the moon can not only seem confronting but rather embarrassing for the poor Libran Hero, who, as much as he may have sought some love and sympathy, is really overwhelmed by the tremendous force of conviction that now propels around him.

Yet, true to his nature, the Libran Sun manages to find a workable arrangement. The agreement here needs to honour that:

individual self-expression is of highest importance – this must always be welcomed and celebrated

One must never hold back on expressing one’s own truth (and to defend this is an admirable quality)

we are each the architects of our own reality – our choice in perspective can generate creativity or strife, it’s up to us.

These are the virtues that this blessed moon brings to the table, albeit in her own inimitably feisty way. These are the qualities of light that need to shine in order to see  things in their rightful perspective.

As the Full Moon event approaches, we begin to see how everything has been building towards this precious moment. There are currently few remaining places on this planet where the common people are at peace, either within themselves or against manipulative, complacent and somewhat exploitative authorities. The recent applied spell of Saturn inconjunct Uranus (Jul/Aug) has only accentuated our irritability with our neighbours for one reason or another. Since the indignant pride of Jupiter in Leo has entered the scenario in September the whole schmozzle has seriously inflated beyond discomfort and into sophisticated campaigns of righteous rallying, rebellions, resistances, protests and holy wars. Any attempts by authorities to counteract these desperate measures and bring affairs into balance must take into account that all people need to exercise their fundamental right  to freely express their beliefs and to live creative lives. This struggle is about autonomy, and allowing this.

Yet, with Pluto in Capricorn squaring all this we are reminded that subversive forces still operate beneath the surface to control us. Our addiction to out-dated structures – not only within our governments, global resource management, religions, and world economies, but chiefly in our blame-shift tendencies around the dynamics of power within our personal relationships. Denying our part in creating the circumstances we dislike in our external relationships is the real and ongoing cause of our darkness and fear. Yet only through educating one another can help to fix this.

Whilst the rising tensions brought to the fore by this Aries Blood Moon brings a cry to end our complacency, indifference, vacillation and complete dependency on the back of others, it is also a time where we become aware that autonomy is sometimes the only option forward. Our relationships, our societies, our ‘binding agreements’ are not worth the piece of paper they are written on if not contented with reasonable exchange of appreciation along the way.

If something has to end in our world today let it be our tendency to avoid responsibility for all the things that we dislike in it. By owning our  grievances and making the peace with others, we pave the way for acting autonomously, with courage and creative flair. This surely is the stepping stone to reconnecting to the great Intent through the anticipated Solar Eclipse in Scorpio (in two weeks).

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